Every individual has their own unique individual style and fit needs.  Sometimes the process of finding the perfect piece can be a frustrating and difficult experience.  At Tissu' we take your inspiration and use our pattern making expertise to create that special garment for any occasion.


The process begins with a consultation to discuss your design ideas.  We look through all your inspirations and create a fashion sketch that reflects the silouette and details of your one-of-a-kind garment.  Next, extensive  measurements are taken to facilitate the drafting of your personal pattern.  Afterwards we will walk you through the best fabrics and embellishments for your individual project.  Special attention is paid to your budget when picking fabrics.  

The first fitting will be executed in muslin or a similar fabric that will mimic the fashion fabric used in the finished piece.  This is the time when fitting adjustments are made and any other details can be noted in the construction.  Sometimes there will be two of these preliminary fittings to ensure an impecable fit and include any design changes that may be necessary.

Next the garment is constructed from the fashion fabrics and embellishments for the final detail fitting.  The finishing touches like the hems, bustle, trims are marked and made ready to finish.


Your dream has come true!  The garment you have watched grow from inception to completion is now yours.   Your design, the fabrics you love and an impeccable fit that will last for years to come.