Welcome to Tissu' News

We are so excited to start sharing our dress making experiences  and some of our favorite sewing tips with all of you!  Last year we had some amazing projects including fabulous wedding gowns, beautiful mother of the bride and mother of the groom ensembles and some fun vintage-style ready-to-wear outfits.  I really can't say I had a favorite project.  All of them were so exciting and unique!  

Some of the highlights that stand out for me were new techniques I learned in conjunction with projects. Dying different fabrics was one of these! 

We made an amazing red wedding dress and had to dye the lace to match.  There wasn't one dye color that would work and the fiber content in the lace was mixed,  rayon and nylon.  And so the experiments began!  I had to use three different shades of red dye from "Dharma Trading" (the best) and two choices from "Dylon".  I used different measured combinations amounts of the dye and water ratios and kept track of the time in the dye bath.  The results were fantastic!  It taught me so much about the process for dying and someday I hope to attend a workshop.  


Thank you to our lovely bride Jennifer for this opportunity.  LOVE this dress!!